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Trends in Australian Housing Markets

by admin,  Apr 3 2013 08:59 AM

 Current trends in housing markets in Australia will show that mining areas have the largest rental growth. The dominance of mining areas can't be ignored. Boyne Island near Gladstone tops the list with unit rents growing 100 per cent and house rents rising 34 per cent in a year.  A number of Perth suburbs are also showing dominant trends.  It's no secret Western Australia, particular its capital, are benefiting from the resources boom. If you plan to move to Perth, do your homework and be prepared to make a decision if you like a house. Comfortable and affordable housing moves quick.

 In total, there are 23 suburbs located 30 kilometres or less from a capital city so metropolitan areas are still in high demand with tenants. Expats need to do their research when planning to immigrate. Maybe go and visit areas where you want to liver and decide whether to rent or purchase a home. Renting at first is a popular option, because it gives you time to look for the perfect house and by then you will be familiar with the area and know your commute to work.  Schools will also need to be researched.  The cost of accommodation in Australia – relative to one's salary and other living expenses – is still very reasonable.   Shared housing is also a popular option, especially for single expats, and there are numerous websites that are exclusively devoted to providing listings for room rentals in shared houses.

 The standard of accommodation in Australia varies from area to area, and between types of accommodation, but is generally very high.  It is not at all uncommon for houses in Australia to boast family-friendly features, such as garages, big gardens, and swimming pools. Newer, more upmarket houses will probably be equipped with air conditioning, although ceiling fans are far more common.  There will be plenty of options for furniture, so don’t stress over shipping everything.



by admin,  Mar 27 2013 10:40 AM

The fifth BRICS summit has opened in Durban, South Africa. This is the first time the meeting has been held on the African continent.

Heads of state from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have attended the opening ceremony of the five-nation BRICS summit for emerging market powers. 

The theme of the two-day summit is, "BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Integration and Industrialization". These summits are convened to seek common ground on areas of importance for these major economies.  What this means for South Africa and all of these countries is it makes them less dependent on the volatility of the U.S. dollar and the euro. It sends a message that these emerging countries will not be bullied by western power politics.
This is good for South Africa’s future. Collins Chabane, South Africa's Minister for Performance Monitoring, Evaluation and Administration, wants to integrate the African Union into BRICS. "We wish to align BRICS' interests with the integration agenda in Africa, and not just focusing on access to our resources," Collins Chabane noted.

He furthermore reminded BRICS members that "Africa is the fastest growing power after Asia, and offers the highest return on investments of any region. The African Continent constitutes 60 percent of the world's unused agricultural land. Africa is also very rich in energy resources and minerals."


Things to know about Australia: Petrol Stations

by admin,  Mar 25 2013 10:21 AM

 Maybe you are from a country where petrol stations are all full service. If you plan to immigrate to Australia, keep in mind the little daily things like filling your car with petrol.  There are no petrol pump attendants in most metropolitan areas in Australia, it's all self-serve. Some smaller towns still have pump attendants.  Once you have filled up, remember the number of the pump and  go inside to the counter and pay. You can pay with cash or card.  Some stations will be designed so you can pay by card on the pump itself and print a receipt. There is no price standardisation on petrol. Take Sydney.  The price fluctuates throughout the week, and in Sydney it is generally cheaper on Tuesdays and early Wednesday mornings. The service stations ( "servo's") also have shops where you can buy basic foodstuffs, necessities (like chocolate) and the newspapers. The large supermarket chains like Coles and Woolworths also own about 80% of the petrol stations around Sydney. They have fuel discount offers to encourage you to shop at their grocery stores then buy petrol at their outlets. If you spend more than $30.00 at the Supermarket at any one time, you get a discount voucher which entitles you to a 4c per litre discount when you pay for your petrol. On Tuesdays all around Sydney you will see cars queuing right into the street at Woolworths and Coles/Shell petrol stations, and the independent stations are empty.  Moving to Australia will be an adventure. Learn what side your petrol tank is on and follow the directions on the pump. Learn how to check tire pressure and how to refill things like wiper fluid. Then you should be set.


Peace at the core

by admin,  Mar 25 2013 08:46 AM

New World Immigration is a company that celebrates Human Rights Day along with the world. We know all too well that countless atrocities are committed against humankind every day. And it is for this reason that the world embraces and implants this day of remembrance as part of their core values. Human rights was instilled by the then United Nations Chair Person, Eleanor Roosevelt, distinguished First Lady of the United States. Our own South African Head of State, General Jan Smuts was too a founding member of the then newly established United Nations. In 1945, as wife of the deceased President Frankiln Roosevelt, Eleanor championed this initiative that had such far reaching implications, globally.

Immigration to and from countries on Visitor Permits, Business Permits, Intra Company Permits are vital components of any country’s control system in determining in-house people movement and the flow of money. There are extremist organisations and individuals itching to commit atrocities against mankind in the name of so-called religions. It’s therefore quite understandable that stringent controls are placed on the monitoring of such funds and investments. Let’s not forget the millions of people who’ve suffered anti-Semitism, violent crimes, wars and other such carnage committed against humankind.

Humankind – a powerful force needing to remind itself of the destruction we are capable of or, on the other hand, protecting our capacity of humility, love and kindness to one another.


A Match Made in Heaven !

by admin,  Mar 19 2013 09:58 AM

Organising and orchestrating a wedding can be such a daunting task. The occasion lends itself to a magnitude of errands to be completed, to the very finest detail such as table settings, flower arrangements, wedding car arrangements, balloons, outfits, rehearsals, cakes, tent for the ceremony, drinks, checking weather patterns, receiving family and friends at airports, arranging accommodation, transportation to and from the wedding venue, etc, etc, etc. All done in a great effort to create a perfect ceremony for the bride and groom, family, friends and guests. Arriving from every corner of the country and that of the world. Such accurate and constant communication is required between the organisers and without it, you are quickly caught up in a perfect storm. This is a build up to the event of the year for the family and an event of a lifetime for your daughter. No stone is left unturned to add extra value to each person attending the wedding.

Likewise, we at New World Immigration view each applicant in very much the same way. In realising that the application for a Student Visa, Life Partner Visa or a Business Permit is actually a quest for a marriage of two worlds – the one of the hopeful applicant wishing for a new world to unfold in his study career or that of a loved one hoping to join their life partner in a new country and a new life. At New World Immigration we bend over backwards in making your hopeful match in heaven a reality.

From the desk of… Huge New World Immigration – South Africa Tel: +2721 5550951 Fax: 086 510 0774


On the Hunt for the Karoo

by admin,  Mar 18 2013 11:41 AM

Popular belief has it that Karoo lamb is tastier – but is this perception real? And does the taste reflect the aromas of typical Karoo plants? I’ve decided to go on the hunt myself and see what all the fuss is about.  Tourists to the region must see for themselves. Will this be the best lamb one can try in the world?  Will Karoo lamb and mutton, regardless of breed, really differ in taste? Karoo lamb apparently has a herby flavour compared with the ‘musty’ flavour of the lamb from Namibia, parts of the Kalahari, and South Africa. This is due to the plants that the sheep eat.  The shrubs are low lying species that are highly aromatic and full of oils that   affect the meat and wool of the sheep.
The Great Karoo is one of the world’s most unique arid zones. In South Africa it stands alone, globally it is an envied rarity. The Karoo is the home of peace and tranquillity, here one can rest, relax, refresh yourself and recharge the inner batteries of your soul, while exploring and learning about its history.

The vast plains and endless Blue Mountains once sheltered runaway slaves, smugglers and the banished.  This desolate spot was once the badlands, but it’s always been good land for sheep farming. Today sheep farming is the economic backbone of this region.  If you immigrate to South Africa or visit, drive up the north-eastern part of the Western Cape and southern part of the Northern Cape in South Africa. Try the lamb and take in the history of the Karoo. I plan to do this soon.


Faith in migration

by admin,  Mar 18 2013 11:14 AM

People have been immigrating for centuries. Be it in search of a better life, for career choices, political reasons or family responsibility. Two thousand years ago it was recorded via The Bible how Moses migrated an entire nation from an unfair, brutal and oppressive political leadership to promises of a greener future. Faith is defined as having complete confidence and trust in someone or something. It is so entwined into our everyday lives and we assume so much based on faith – a belief in the unseen. We talk about tomorrow as if we have a total control of what’s to come and how often have we not been surprised by the unexpected? We react to, and believe in a weather prediction and yet have been proven wrong so many a time. But we believe!

So, why are there so many South African callers to New World Immigration asking about migrating from this land? Have they lost faith in what seemed to be a synthetic political solution? In 1994 our land offered a resolve to a better life for all. I distinctively recall a well known journalist, Max du Preez announcing unequivocally, the morning after ballots were counted and the ANC had won the first democratic election in South Africa that “ …the sun still arose over South Africa” trying to console minorities that all was fine in SA. I do note that he has also changed his view somewhat nowadays…lost faith? Has the sun not gone down over this land for many, perhaps? Has the South African sun not set for the millions of victims of countless criminal acts by a guide of greed and corruption?

So what would be on the horizon for so many a desolate? A new hope vested into a new country seems to be the obvious option. If you can’t take the moral decay out of a country surely you then need to take yourself out of the moral decay…New World Immigration prides itself as being a solutions-centric company, to restore hope and faith.

From the desk of… Huge
New World Immigration – South Africa
Tel: +2721 5550951
Fax: 086 510 0774



A Message for Recruiters!

by admin,  Mar 14 2013 14:22 PM

I speak with couples from all over the world on a daily basis who are planning to move to South Africa.  If one person is a South African citizen and they are married or in a relationship, then they qualify for a Spousal Visa or a Life Partner Visa. So, how does this relate to Job Recruitment Specialists you may ask?

For most foreigners looking to work in South Africa, they would need to qualify for one of  4 work permits. These are the General Work permit, the Exceptional Skills permit, the Quota permit, or the Intra Company Transfer permit.  You will tell these individuals that they need to hold this permit before you will be able to place them for a position.  I’m sure this sounds familiar.

It’s completely different for individuals holding a Life Partner Visa or Spousal Visa in South Africa. They have different rights. Home Affairs wants these individuals to be able to take up work and bring in extra income to the household. Holders of this visa just need a job offer from the company. A letter of motivation wishing to hire them or a contract is all they need and they can add working rights to their visa.   So yes, they have the right to work without needing a separate work permit.  Now it will take some time to get these working rights added on, but it’s a much simpler process than obtaining the usual work permit.  Please contact us if you have a potential employee holding this permit and we will be happy to clarify everything. If you know  a recruitment specialist pass on this info please.


Somewhere over the rainbow…

by admin,  Mar 14 2013 14:19 PM

I awoke this morning to that distinctive fresh smell of soil having been weltered by rain during the previous night. Crisp, clear and clean… the air filling my lungs was a welcome refresher to my still awakening mind. As usual, I was awestruck by my natural surrounds on the farm and the sheer beauty of the land, our land South Africa. As a quiet sea broke on the shore just ahead of me the rainbow made it’s bow from my garden to gently sway all seven colours toward Table Mountain. Magnificence in full display. It’s a wonderful land we’re living on and our roots go deep – way down, three hundred years and longer with this blood and sweat stained soil now bearing the fruits of a country that is desired by so many…

It’s easy for all to understand why so many are seeking Permanent Residency Permits for this country. Just the natural beauty alone is such an attraction, not to even mention the mineral rich valleys ready to deliver much needed commodities to the world. So, who would we want to share this gem of a country with? Is it any Dick, Tom or Harry from anywhere across the globe or do we go rather go selectively about our task to ensure the new applicant shares the same values and norms as we do. Someone who respects our people, culture, heritage and eco-system as much as we do. Let’s make a concerted effort into ensuring the right lobby groups are activated to ensure these values are upheld. Let’s protect our land and preserve the beauty for our children’s children. Inkosi Sikelele I Afrika!


The Value of Service Excellence

by admin,  Mar 13 2013 13:57 PM

I was privileged to be able to purchase a new car recently from a top notch dealer in Cape Town. During the course of our negotiation, choosing the colour, look and accessories of the car I was intrigued at the various strategies being used by a well trained and experienced sales executive. First there was the greeting I received – not over friendly yet friendly enough to be likable…Dean was his name. Then, as I was browsing through the different models I was subtly asked certain questions…a needs analysis was being performed and then combined with budget requirements. The light-hearted chatter from my side was always tactfully re-aligned to be focussed on the deal. My personality was being summarised and I was being guided slowly towards the “den”. Until the point where I was almost happy that the deal was fair to both…but then, I’ve been a Sales Exec most of my life too. So I pursued the threshold of the “either make or break” point. That point where both parties feel uncomfortable about going ahead and the balance became too one-sided…I retracted a margin and settled at a point where the Dealership Executive Manager was brought in to OK the transaction. Still, the Dealer Sales Exec put on a brave face and made me feel like I had won this deal altogether…


On leaving the Dealership I knew of three people who were also in the market for new cars and I made a conscientious effort of contacting them and telling about my “wow” experience. That night around the dinner table I expressed my gratitude for the professional advice I had received from this particular Sales Exec.


Our Sales Consultants at New World Immigration are also trained to provide a knock-your-socks-off kind of service. If you were not made to feel special the executive Head, Robbie Ragless would appreciate hearing from you… on the other hand however, if you were made to feel great, please tell your friends about us – you may be in for a referral surprise…