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by admin,  Mar 12 2013 13:12 PM

I’ve really come to admire the logical, effective and practical criteria system used as by these Aussies in their immigration pursuit of happy immigrants. And now, I thought I’d share a social recognition initiative that really warmed my heart …

In Darling Harbour the Australians have an immigration Welcome Wall setup for all families who have come to Australia, with their names engraved on a copper metal sheet. Located at the Australian Maritime Museum, the 100 metre bronze plaque actually has 25 000 names already inscribed on it. Now, that’s a warm welcome to foreigners from abroad – wow to the Aussies and a definite thumbs up from me!

So, once we, at New World Immigration, have helped you achieve your lifelong dream of immigrating to this magnificent country, please send us a photo with your name inscribed on this famous wall. Twice a year there is a ceremony held to unveil new names of families who have settled in Australia and on this occasion, touching stories are shared of family’s struggles and hopes for a new life and how they ended up in Australia…

Is this not an indication of how humanity should react to total strangers from a foreign country  compared, for instance, to countries with such cruel Xenophobic tendencies  toward their foreign fellow human beings…I suppose the difference is an enlightened  1st world thinking pattern vs that of an en-darkened 3rd world…