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My Visa Saviours!

by admin,  Mar 13 2013 11:53 AM

My partner and I were very dubious about using a visa agency, why should we pay money for a service we can do ourselves?


So we collated the information and submitted my application in June 2011. Relieved to know that my application was in, I sat back and waited for the message that my visa was ready to collect. After three months, and no notification of completion of the visa, I started to make enquiries. I was told 'It has been received, and is in a queue, you must be patient and wait' I waited....and waited.....and eventually, 11 months after my initial application, and monthly calls to Home Affairs, I was told that I must re-submit, as my information had been lost. I cannot express my emotion when I realised that this system had failed me, and that I had been waiting for a whole year for nothing.


I started making calls to various visa agencies, many of whom gave conflicting advice, and and various prices. I couldn't help but feel they were money making schemes, that didn't really care about the outcome once they had your money. After many calls I finally spoke to a lady who was instantly trustworthy.I cant explain why, but I warmed to her, and she understood my frustration at the situation. She helped me understand the very confusing options, and we went on our way to make an application. She made the process easy, and was at hand anytime I needed her.


Well here I am just 19 days after the initial application, and I have my visa! Yes! In my hand! I can't believe it, and only wish I could turn back time and use this agency a year ago. I would urge ANYONE who is planning on getting a visa to use New World Immigration, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone.


Katie T