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Expats in South Africa: How is the Healthcare and Insurance?

by admin,  May 6 2013 10:37 AM

For expats immigrating to South Africa, the South African health infrastructure is generally of very high quality, especially in large cities. Hospitals and clinics have highly trained, experienced staff. South Africa has excellent clinics for heart disease and eye conditions, attracting a respectable number of medical tourists every year. 

Pharmacies are well stocked with anything you might be familiar with from your home country. However, if you regularly take prescription medication, you should be aware of the fact that some pharmaceuticals can be very expensive.

There is no National Health Care plan in SA. You need to do research on insurance plans available and find out what health plans will be available through your future employer.  Full medical aid is quite pricey, but  you can get different types of plans. Several plans offer points and rewards for healthy lifestyle choices. You can track your online points and save a lot of money. The need for flexible plans within the expat community is growing and this demand in itself creates a  very powerful machine. The demand also comes from the companies, who want to ensure that their expatriate workers, in whom they have heavily invested, are as productive as possible and that, should they fall ill, things can be sorted out quickly and efficiently.

So overall, for expats coming to South Africa, the healthcare options and health plans are going to be catering more and more to your needs and demands.