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Simplifying Immigration to South Africa
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Want to Volunteer in South Africa. What is required for your Volunteer Visa/Permit?

by admin,  May 6 2013 10:34 AM

South Africa is a nation of extremes.  You have the beauty of the land, the sea, and you have the beauty of the diverse people who live here. Along with that comes a need for wildlife conservation, a need for helping with healthcare, and a need for helping with disadvantaged communities. There is a  huge need for volunteers in this country. You can help children in literacy programs,  all youth development programs would love to have you,  medical organizations need you, nature conservancy organizations need you, and many more.   Everyone can bring something to the table. The first step is determining what type of volunteer work you wish to do. Contact the organizations directly and check out their website. Ask a lot of questions. One major step in the process will be the requirement for a volunteer visa.

You must be 18 years of age. Visa requirements are always changing.  Determine how long you wish to volunteer for in South Africa. You need a letter from the organization confirming you are accepted into the volunteer organization. You will need to show a return air ticket and proof of financial means to support yourself while in the country. Volunteer permits can be issued for up to 4 years. They are renewable.