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How to Qualify for an SA Medical Permit

by admin,  Jun 6 2013 10:34 AM

If you are a foreigner and intend to have medical treatment in South Africa, you will need a medical treatment permit.  These are issued for a maximum period of six months at a time and can be renewed.  You can enter SA with this permit or if you are already here on a different visa, you can change your status to this if you require medical treatment. You will need a letter from your medical practitioner stating the reason and details of your treatment needed.  You will also need to show details regarding the person or institution responsible for medical expenses and fees.  It is important that you have sufficient funds available to cover costs or hold medical coverage.  You will need to provide documentation showing proof of funds.  

South Africa is equipped with modern health care facilities that treat practically all current diseases and injuries. South African health care facilities are unsurpassed on the African continent. Also, the exchange rate of the South African rand may make South Africa a cheaper destination than your local hospital. If you are considering coming to South Africa to receive medical treatment, you can contact us at New World Immigration to assist with this permit.