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Is Australia Skilled Migration for You? South Africans to Australia

by admin,  Aug 19 2013 08:25 AM

Australia is pushing for skilled migration like never before. And for many South Africans, life abroad is very enticing.  More and more skilled South Africans are looking to work overseas, hoping for a life with more security, more job prospects, and a future for their families. Or for some it is about embarking on a new adventure to learn about life somewhere new and different.  Now has never been a better time to make the move Down Under.


The idea of immigrating overseas is most popular with young people aged 18 to 44 years of age. For these individuals, Australia can provide a very attractive destination. For many young professional families, advancing in their career and raising a family in South Africa is full of uncertainties. Australia makes sense due to a stable economy and a clear path to obtaining residency if one qualifies under their skilled migration scheme.


Many South Africans have already made the move to Australia.  According to Australian immigration statistics, South Africa ranks sixth for country of origin. So how do you know if you qualify for skilled migration?


It is based on a simple points system. This scheme is for people under 50 and you must have a profession on the Skilled Occupation List. The program has been very successful and scores applicants on age, qualifications, years of experience, and English language ability.  This is not just for individuals with a PH.D. Qualifications such as a Trade Test, Higher Diploma, or Certification are also considered as each occupation is assessed individually.


Australia is looking for a wide range of skills. Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Sports Coaches, Boilermakers, Accountants, Hairdresser, Teachers of Hearing Impaired, Forester, Translator, Lab Technologist, Pig Farmer, Watch and Clock maker, Bricklayer, Graphic Designer, and Electrician are just a few examples. 


So what is the first step? I am interested in Australia Skilled Migration and don’t know where to begin looking. Contact us at New World Immigration and we can help you navigate the process. We will let you know if you qualify and will clarify the timeline and cost involved.


The first thing you can do is to fill out the enquiry form on our site. We need to know your age, occupation, years of fulltime work experience since obtaining your qualification, and your actual qualification (Degree, Certificate, Trade Test etc). For example: a 30 year old Boilermaker( known as Metal Fabricator) who has a trade test and at least 6 years of work experience, and who can score a proficient score on all categories of the IELTS English test will qualify with 60 points. An individual needs 60 points.  This Boilermaker’s profession is on the first section of the skilled list so it is highest in demand. This is known as a Schedule 1 occupation. With 60 points, this individual can obtain an Independent Skilled Visa.


 Our boilermaker will need a Skills assessment. Both paper based and a practical exam. Then he or she can apply through the Department of Immigration for residency upon a successful skills assessment. The processing time will be on average one year. There are fees to add dependents to the main application so please contact us for all of the costs involved.


There are some other ways to gain extra points if you are not sure if you qualify and we would love to go over all of your options. Give us a call today and we can start the process for you.


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