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Australia Ranks Number One on Best Place to Live and Work List

by admin,  May 29 2013 09:21 AM

With its idyllic beaches and seemingly limitless sunshine,  Australia has always been a popular destination. But here is why you might want to move there.

And according to an international table of happiness, Australia has moved up on the list.
It has ranked number one on the OECD’s first such chart. OECD is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.  Australia has ranked number one on their list for three years in a row now. Why Australia? Well, over 73% of the population aged 15 to 64 has a job, life expectancy is higher at 82,  and due to a demand of its natural resources, the economy has shown two decades of growth. “Australia’s strong economy, good public health, low pollution and low levels of crime were some of the reasons why it is better off,” the OECD said.

The OECD’s Better Life Index is based on 11 categories, including income, jobs, housing and health, surveyed in 36 nations. Also among the top 10 countries were Canada, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, the US, Switzerland, and Denmark.  If you are interested in immigrating to Australia give us a call or contact us at New World Immigration.