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Australia Immigration and the IELTS test

by admin,  May 28 2013 10:36 AM

To qualify for Australia skilled migration, applicants need to take the IELTS test. This test is given in two forms: the academic and the general.  You are exempt from taking this test if you are from countries where English is the first language. 

The website is  . You can go on the site and see where the nearest tests are in your city. Several testing dates are offered to cater to your schedule.  The test is broken down into 4 sections.  Reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Expect about 60 minutes for each section although the listening section is only 30 minutes.  This is typically an all day event so plan accordingly.

For Australia migration, the main applicant needs to score a 7 in each category. You will also receive an overall score, but you must have at least 7’s in each to pass for Australia. Your spouse only needs to score 4.5’s in each category. I recommend going to the site and requesting practice materials before taking the test.  I believe practice tests will also be available online.

In certain professions, applicants might be required to score 8’s so check with us. You can contact New World Immigration for any more info about this test.