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Simplifying Immigration to South Africa
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Immigration, the Good Guys!

by admin,  Aug 8 2013 13:46 PM

With recent allegations against a  local immigration consulting company taking money for services that their clients did not qualify for, we here at New World Immigration feel that it is necessary  to separate ourselves and set the record straight. Helpful, customer service oriented, and most of all ethical Immigration companies are out there. We are one of them.


This makes a good example of how companies need to realize that to run a successful business today it is no longer just based on quietly selling your product, telling no lies, selling a product that people want, and bringing in money. Today’s companies need to be socially aware. They need to be socially responsible. What is this? Striving for long lasting relationships with employees and customers, standing by your ideals, and being accountable as a company is a good place to start. Companies will alienate their customers if they show no interest in social awareness. It’s no longer an option to do nothing. And it is definitely not an option to try to deceive clients. Consumers today are very in tune to the product they wish to buy and have done their research.


Obtaining visas for foreigners coming to South Africa and assisting with Australia Migration is our focus. Neither of these are an easy task. Clients come to us often with information overload and are very confused as to how to begin the process. We are here to first listen and then to explain their best options. We focus on training so our consultants know what questions to ask and can then ascertain what our clients will qualify for. We turn away clients everyday who do not meet the requirements and it can be frustrating to not be able to help them. But at least they have an honest answer and can move on to other possible options.


Shelley Faull has worked in the Australia Immigration industry for ( ) years and now assists clients with their Australia visa applications. I asked her what her clients mean to her. “They’re families. I have a huge interest in their circumstances and they are very important to me. They are making life changing decisions and it is not easy. The Immigration process can be daunting. I want to help every step of the way. Clients are not a number to me. They are people with goals and dreams."


The owner of New World Immigration, Robbie Ragless, set out to form a new type of Immigration Consultancy. “I have been in the industry for around 10 years, worked for a number of immigration consultants in the past and carefully monitored the ups and downs they experienced.  Over the years I formulated a plan to create my own company that took absolutely everything into consideration. The treatment of our clients is of paramount importance. Our marketing strategy is extremely simple. We service one client well and that client tells 5 people about the experience. We are extremely proud with the work we produce and the rate of approved applications we maintain"


The aim is to be passionate in what we do and put the clients first at the end of the day. We are dedicated to hard work and take pride in our 100% success rate. On the walls of our office it says ASPIRE. A is for Accountability, S if for Service Excellence, P is for Passion, I is for Integrity, R is for Respect, and E is for Excellence.  Working hard and knowing your clients by their first name really does make a huge difference.  Building that trust and remaining transparent goes a long way.

I asked my colleagues to share their views about the relationship they have with their clients for Australia.  “I would say that we work together for a long period. They become an extended family. It’s great to be able to assist with changing their lives. I’m happy to help with the process of obtaining their visa, but sad to see them go. When I hear about families getting the run around, it saddens me to think that their hopes and dreams are being dashed. It’s unfair. I like to sleep at night.”